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Mountain Top, Pa 18707

Boarding Facility & Feed Store

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Happy Tails Too!, LLC


Please keep your dogs leashed at all times.

Please allow at least 10 minutes for admitting & discharging your pet. We strive to be as thorough as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

You will complete required forms; unless completed at home.

Prior to admittance into Happy Tails Too!, LLC, your pet will be checked for fleas.

Prior to admittance into Happy Tails Too!, LLC, your pet’s vaccination will be confirmed.

What to bring for your pets visit:

  • Completed packet of forms; forms can be found and downloaded here .
  • Pet’s vaccination history
  • Pet’s veterinarian contact information
  • Pet’s food; we recommend you bring your own pet’s food to help reduce gastrointestinal issues. If you opt not to bring your own pet’s food, we will feed your pet the Eukanuba brand of your choice.
  • Toys; If your pet has a special toy or chew toy, please bring it along.
  • All medication must be in original package with drug name & directions clearly visible.